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Shaadi Se Pehle Torrent




and Arshad Warsi. Plot The film revolves around the arrival of Lovey (Suniel Shetty), a village singer. He likes the girls in his village very much, and after working as a pimp, he finally settles down in the village and starts loving all the girls in it and making a living by singing. One day, he is successful in attracting the eye of an upper-class girl named Preeti (Chunboi), who is very passionate and spends a lot of money on Lovey. When the girl's father (Anupam Kher) makes it known that he does not approve of Preeti's choice, Lovey's singing career gets ruined. However, Lovey gets the support of a very stubborn and clever woman named Preeti's mother (Akshay Khanna), who is the most supportive mother ever. She even offers to get Preeti a job in Mumbai. She persuades her daughter to enter the film industry, and suggests that she should not change her song from the one she has been singing in the village. However, Preeti is not a film singer, and has the innate talent of singing. She desperately tries to change the lyrics to suit her, but in vain. Soon, Preeti becomes a star in the film industry. When Preeti becomes a huge star, her father makes it known that he does not approve of her choice. However, Lovey saves her from her father. She is depressed and tells Lovey that she does not love him, and is only having a fling with him for the media and publicity. She then goes to get married to a man named Dev (Arshad Warsi), who has also been hired by her father. In the meantime, an underworld gang leader named Tejpal (Abhijeet), who is greedy for more publicity, and used to marrying rich girls, arrives to the village to get married to Preeti. However, Preeti is in love with Lovey, and declines his proposal. The marriage is ruined, and a brawl ensues. Tejpal, in an attempt to save his ego, ruins Lovey's career. At the same time, Preeti has a blast on a yacht with her new husband, with the wedding getting ruined in the process. Preeti then does a stint in jail, and upon her release, comes to know that Lovey and Dev are getting



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Shaadi Se Pehle Torrent

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