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Right now is a critical time of year for many businesses. It’s a time of review and getting set up so you can maximise your opportunities to get out fast in 2023.


This is the time to prepare your business to market with big bang with offers, high value connections and outreach, deal flow, sales, engagement and productivity.


So let's work together to take advantage of the next month to accelerate your strategies and future business opportunities, finishing the year in a strong position and being visible and engaged with your customers before your competition wakes up some time in March.


We’ve put together a two-hour Strategy Accelerator Workshop where welll help you put your ideas together, map out your plans and get out in front in the New Year.


Program Inclusions

  • Clarify strategic direction - where, why
  • Define Areas of Focus - now, next, later, why
  • Discover, Initiate and Elevate Relationships in existing and target market sectors - who, where, why
  • Visibility Planning - who, when, how
  • Implementation support - making it happen – 2 sessions

Strategy Accelerator Workshop

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