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6 Things that Make a Valuable Personal Brand

There are six things that come together to form a valuable personal brand.

I say value because doing these things builds a framework of value around you that's magnetic to others.

Think about some influential people you know of.

They all do these things:

1️⃣ Be the best you can be - it's as simple and challenging as that.

2️⃣ Be visible - make the effort to meet and talk to new people; attend events. See below for inspiration.

3️⃣ Build your network - internally and externally. There's no point in having a great external network if your home base is toxic, just as it's limiting to be unknown beyond the office bubble.

4️⃣ Be curious - don't worry about learning something a bit random or even totally unrelated to your work, this is good. Go nuts and see where it takes you.

5️⃣ Keep learning and share your knowledge - this leads to growth and the most interesting conversations.

6️⃣ Keep at it - some months you'll be crazy busy, others less so. Aim for two meetings a month. It takes time and effort to build your personal brand. Some of it will feel hard, some of it super easy, and when it all comes together, magic happens.

Be a firecracker in your space. Build your personal brand using these steps

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