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Are you motivated for growth, revenue and outcomes this month and next?

Many businesses are telling customers they’re not taking on new projects over December and are shutting their doors for a few weeks and to come back when they re-open, around mid-January.

Signalling to the market that you’re closed for business is a curious strategy in the current economic climate. It says that you’re only in business for 10 months of the year, not 12 months.

If you take your foot off the pedal in December, March is going to be dead. If you start your planning in January, you might start to see results in April.

Right now is a critical time of year for many businesses. it’s time to make sure you have a really strong December and set the business up, maximising your opportunities to get ahead of the game and get out fast in 2023.

So, set crazy busy aside for a moment and think about this - what if you spent two hours reviewing your strategy and setting up your plans 2023? What would that do for you, your business, your team and your success in 2023?

Questions? Comments? Write back to this email let me know your thoughts. Nina

PS. While you’re here, I wanted to share a quick look into what our clients are working on this month.

Strategy Accelerator Workshops

We’ve put together a condensed version of our methodology to help clients motivate their teams and prepare their businesses to close out the year strong and setting themselves up for a productive and PROFITABLE 2023.

This means successful market engagement with plans for brand visibility, irresistible offers, high value connections and outreach, deal flow, sales and productivity.

The process involves a two-hour Strategy Accelerator Workshop with two implementation sessions. It gives you the chance to put your ideas together, map out your plans and get front and centre in your market before the competition wakes up some time in February, or March.

Program Inclusions

  1. Clarify strategic direction

  2. Define Areas of Focus

  3. Discover, initiate and elevate relationships in existing and target market sectors

  4. Visibility Planning

  5. Implementation support

If you’re interested in booking this in, just hit reply or call me on 0400 033 937

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