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Are you building a Lego Masters culture in your workplace?

If you've been watching this show, you’ll have witnessed the joy and excitement contestants had meeting Dr Karl; warm camaraderie and a healthy competitive spirit, striving to improve each time, while encouraging the same of others; the fun and challenges in project sprints and the collective goodwill that oozes from this show.

Imagine having the same vibe in your team…

Imagine the teamwork, the atmosphere and the productivity. Who wouldn’t want to work there.

Some workplaces come close to LegoMasters – they empower their people and make ambassadors of them. Adobe has been doing this for years, while @Blackbird Ventures is on the same track.

There’s respect, trust, friendship and support all mixed in with a healthy dose of competitive spirit.

There’s also effective communication. This is a cultural game changer and so incredibly important for fostering this kind of environment.

Now, we just need to work out how to clone Hamish Blake and Brickman…

Any ideas?

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