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Here's what you need to know before starting

Profile Builder is a tool that’s designed to help you create your profile. We will guide you through the process by asking you a number of questions about yourself, your career, some projects you’ve worked on, your strengths and your plans for your career.

Please allow 45 minutes to complete the questions. You don’t have to complete your profile in one sitting or on a single device.

We use Facebook Messenger, which means you can use any device and put it down and pick it up again any time. So if you start on your phone on the train home you can keep going on your computer or tablet later, without losing any information.

We do encourage you to finish within a week of starting out as momentum is everything. It will also still be fresh in your mind and quicker overall.

The other upside of getting it done, is that once you finish, we get can started on creating your profile!

Here’s checklist of what will be covered and what you’ll find helpful to have on hand:

We’ll be asking you about:

  • Your career

  • Industries you’ve worked in

  • Projects you’ve worked on

  • Problems you’ve solved

  • Your strengths

  • Your plans for your career

Have to hand a full version of your CV – it doesn’t have to be current, but it will help you recall the necessary information about projects you’ve worked on and work you’re most proud of

If you think of something as you go along and want to go back, don’t worry. At the end of every section we give you an opportunity to add anything you might have thought of afterwards

Please allow 45 minutes - you may be quicker than this, but it's worth being prepared. Remember you don't have to complete your profile in one sitting, you can pick right up where you left off at any time and no information will be lost.

First or third person?

You’ll be asked what style you’d like your profile written in – first or third person. We suggest third person if you’re a bit shy, are just starting out or are having a profile written for a conference, speaking engagement or other external communications purpose.

If you’re having a profile created for LinkedIn, it’s entirely up you and your decision should be based on what you feel comfortable with. It’s very hard to call yourself an “expert” in first person, so if you are an expert in something, or even just really good, third person is a good way to start. You can always change it later.

Good luck and we’re looking forward to helping you build your profile!

If you still have questions, reach out and a member of our team will get back to you ASAP.

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