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Creating profiles & content that gets noticed

Content Writing Services

Our content writing services are aimed at helping our client implement a great brand awareness and buidling strategy. It helps them stay connected with their network and makes them visible in the market. 

We work with a small selection of highly skilled writers who will interview key people and develop content (blogs, linkedIn posts etc) to engage the market


How we will help

Having a great brand and social selling strategy is great, but , if you do not have the right message and great content, then it will fail. 

Our writing services include both content writing and employee profile writing. We work with a team of highly skilled writers that work with you to ensure you get the best outcome. 


Employee Profile Writing 

 Our personal profile writing services support employees to create great first impressions. Whether it is the sales team, client facing consultants or account managers, we create online profiles that are optimised, builds credibility and keeps the target audience in mind. 


This will ensure the business has consistent profiles across the board.  Your team will complete an online questionnaire, which will then be reviewed by our professional writers who will draft a LinkedIn profile for each person. The profiles will tailored to tie in with the company key messages.

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