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Consulting Packages

Build your influence & grow your business

LinkedIn Social Selling Package

This package supports clients in using social media to connect with, and nurture sales prospects through social media. It helps clients to be the first person a prospect thinks of when they are ready to buy.

This Package includes: 

  • Social Selling Strategy

  • Content Development Plan

  • Staff Training and Coaching

  • Staff Profile Development

  • Implementation Support


How we will Help

We help develop meaningful relationships with potential customers so they are the first person or brand a prospect thinks of when they are ready to buy. We help businesses to laser-target prospects, establish a rapport with their networks and nurture relationships.

We specialise in creating new oppotunities to drive leads, support staff to become brand ambassadors and establish your brand in the market place. 


Brand Building and Social Amplification Package

We help you to increase your market engagement, connect you to current and prospective customers, and deliver your message through compelling and authentic storytelling. 

The package typically includes: 

  • Audit Review

  • Strategy Development

  • Key Profile Development

  • Training & Coaching

  • Social Media Content Creation

  • Implementations Support

How it works

Our engagement model has been developed over 20 years of working in communications. We focus our solutions to align with the company's strategy. We measure our success by getting measurable results. 


We typically like to complete a market diagnostic and audit of the business. The aim is to to identify areas and opportunities that can be improved or capitalized on. Based on the audit, a strategy will be created based on the objectives of the project.  

The project team is made up of the Principle Consultant, who will develop the solution and strategy. They are there to support our clients in making the changes and develop a meaniful relationship with the client.  The project will be managed by a project manager to ensure that it keeps the momentum and on track. We have a team of writers and editors who will also work with our clients if needed.

We carry out regular implementation support meetings. This ensures project success and enables ownership for the client and enables them to embed the change. 

By the end of the project, we want our clients to feel like we are a trusted advisor to their business. They should feel they achieved the results they wanted, and are able to take the reins.

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