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People relation and organization structu

Brand Building & Social Amplification

Building Influential Networks

Engage your community, build brand awareness, and drive business opportunities


We are best known for helping clients to get their story right, get it noticed and create stong online engaged employee ambassadors for organisations.  This results in the improvement of  the quality and quantity of online conversations about the brand.


Get your messaging (value proposition) & story right


Distribute & get your content noticed


Create employe ambassadors & get them to engage with your market


What is included in the Package?

A typical project will focus on getting your messaging (value proposition) & story right that will resonate with your market. 

Then decide on the best tactics & process to distribute it & getting your content noticed

Finally we will create an employee ambassador program & get them to engage with your market.     

The package typically includes: 

  • Audit Review: 

  • Strategy Development

  • Ambassador Profile Development

  • Social Media Engagement Training & Coaching

  • Social Media Content Creation Services/ Training

  • Implementations Support

Humanize your brand, create a personalise communication experience and achieve business growth  

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